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Building a Relationship through Adventure

Buddy Club

The older kids from the Buddy Club sang the cha-cha-cha song as they ran back to their bowling lane from eating pizza. It was running typical of seven to ten-year-old kids, but the Buddy Club has been working on learning to regulate their bodies. “You can cha-cha-cha without running,” their instructor said nicely. The Buddy Club […]

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Zones of Regulation

“What zone is it when you get sleepy at night?” Nothing. I repeated the question  toD two more times. Still I got nothing. I gave it one more try. “Blue zone.” “What zone is it when you get too excited.” “Red Zone.” “Is the Red Zone good or bad?” We were talking about the *Zones […]

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Up and Away

I bought him a kite a few years ago, but he never wanted to fly it. It stayed on my bedroom floor. Fast forward two years, a sunny afternoon at the park with the Buddy Club, and he loved flying a kite. The wind picked up at just the right moment, and he was off […]

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Indoor Basketball

He’s been practicing dribbling the basketball in the kitchen, so the Wife tells me. So we, my son and I, take turns dribbling and playing defense, trying to steal the ball from each other. I dribble between my legs, around my back, trying to keep the ball away from my son’s feisty defense. He steals […]

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Social Thinking

I am learning about social thinking. You know those thought bubbles in cartoons? The ones showing what a character is thinking. Spiderman exclaiming he’s been bitten by a radioactive spider, and he now has super human powers to scale the side of buildings. The idea behind the comic strip thought bubbles are part of Michelle Weiner […]

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