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Building a Relationship through Adventure

Ship to Shore

You want to improve your kid’s listening skills while having a lot of fun? Play the game Ship to Shore, preferably with five to seven kids. Here’s how: mark out two lines about ten feet apart from each other and designate one as the ship and the other as the shore. When you say the […]

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What He Really Wanted to Know

I suppose what he wanted to know was  simple, but D took a round about way of finding out by asking me in the car on the way to his My Gym class, “Is it day time or night time?” What? I thought. It seemed like a strange question, and I didn’t get his reason for […]

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A Whiz Kid

I glance up from the magazine I’m reading at D’s Saturday morning My Gym Whiz Kids class. As part of the warm-up routine, he is supposed to be outside the Big Red circle and stretching his arms above his head. That’s what he is supposed to be doing. Instead, he is running in circles and swerving within inches […]

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