FatherSon Ventures

Building a Relationship through Adventure

Sand Dune Park

Sand Dune Park in Manhattan Beach.   You climb up and run down a hill of sand. There’s a nice park at the bottom with a merry go-round. A great place for athletes to train and a father and son to hang out.    

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Rocketship Park

There are teachable moments in every father-son relationship that occur at random moments. I had one the other day with D as we talked with a girl at a park while looking down a steep hill. The hill has three or four trails that wind about 100 yards to the bottom. “Don’t go running down […]

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Dixieland Concert

It’s a Sunday, and I suggest a family picnic to L. Manhatten Beach, a neighboring city, hosts a summer concert series, so it will be a picnic on a blanket and Dixieland jazz music circa the Roaring 1920’s. Technically, going together as a family, this will not be a true father-son adventure. But, after we find a […]

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