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Building a Relationship through Adventure

Kid Concepts, U.S.A.

It’s an intersection most autism parents face: Is ABA or Floortime a more effect therapy to address their child’s needs? Some never reach this crisis point. That’s because ABA is usually covered by most insurances. So a lot of autism parent have never heard of Floortime model, and that there may be a better therapy […]

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Walden Pond

D has taken up residence inside an eight-by-ten foot room, mostly dark, no lights, black walls, octagon shaped, felt curtain entrance, with periodic flashes of lightning and the sound of crackling thunder, at a kid’s museum. Henry David Thoreau went to Walden Pond to immerse himself in nature, to contemplate society’s ills, and to seek a […]

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Sometimes, the best father-son adventures can be a trip down the street. D’s favorite places are the Pet Store and Toy Store, the Music Store (San Ashe), Barnes & Noble, Target, the Mall, the Bee and Lady Bug Park (D’s name for Emerald Park), and Wilderness Park, an 11-acre nature preserve near our home. D […]

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The Pet Store and Toy Store

It’s a Saturday morning, and D and I are looking through a ten-by-fifteen glass window at the back of the store at Petsmart where fifteen to twenty dogs are hanging out at Doggy Day Care. Big dogs, little dogs, shaggy dogs, white dogs, black dogs, tan dogs, black-and-white dogs, and a few dogs sniffing each other you […]

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