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Building a Relationship through Adventure

Day 4: Camp Escapades

  All I know about D’s Day Four at Camp Escapades is what his buddy told me when I picked him up. He participated a Drum Circle and did a dance in front of his fellow Orange Octopuses. That’s all I know about his Day Four at Camp Escapades: he had a burst of creative […]

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Day 3: Camp Escapades

D and I were talking over breakfast. Yesterday, he declared, “I don’t want to go to camp.” Today, he couldn’t stop talking about what he wanted to do today at Camp Escapades. “Dad, I want to see the Mad Scientist.” “You mean, the guy who made toilet paper disappear by fire?” “Yes, I want to […]

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Day 2: Camp Escapades

“I don’t want to go to camp,” D said between bites of oatmeal before Day Two of Camp Escapades. To which I responded, “You are an Orange Octopus. You will be missed by the Orange Octopuses.” “I am not an Orange Octopus,” he fired back in a loud voice. “I am a boy.” I was […]

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Day One: Camp Escapades

This is the mantra I repeated to D several times in the car on the way to his first day of summer camp: “You are going to have fun, fun, and then more fun.” And then I asked him, “What are you going to do?” “I am going to have fun, fun, and more fun,” […]

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Camp Escapades

Camp Escapades is a summer camp run by Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN) for children with special needs. Each age group is staffed with an occupation therapist. The schedule has an easy pace with breaks between every activity. Kids can take sensory breaks on bean bags, and each camper has a high school “buddy” to help them navigate […]

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