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Building a Relationship through Adventure

Parents vs. Kids

The most fun game of soccer I’ve ever played in my life came after I gave a suggestion to one of D’s teachers in his “Break it Down” Total Spirts class. My suggestion was to let the parents play soccer against the kids to prevent the kids from the usual clumping together in one big […]

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Play Ball!

You want to make a kid excited? Ask him to run the bases and see what happens. I watched as my son sprinted from third base, leaped in the air a few feet away and practically glided to home plate. Maybe he had some pent up excitement since his teacher told him to stop at […]

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The Intangibles

Educators call it the “hidden” curriculum. As Lisa Mandeville puts it, “in education we call it the hidden curriculum, which is the intangibles—the friendships, relationships, and the good times—and we celebrate these first.” This is a good description for what D learned today in his “Break It Down” Total Sports class: friendships, relationships, and good […]

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“Break it Down” Total Sports

First, you must understand the back story. Every year, my wife and I talk about if D is ready to play soccer. We go back and forth, the deadline passes, the price goes up, and the consensus is: we think he’s not ready. We have held back on soccer because of his difficulty regulating his body, […]

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