FatherSon Ventures

Building a Relationship through Adventure


Written By: Scot Butwell

Aboard the USS IowaLearn some history and climb a lot of ladders exploring the former US Navy ship.

Adventure Park Go here if you want to enter the pages of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Read my review.

“Break It Down” Total Sports: How do you eat an elephant? One. Bite. At. A. Time. And so can you learn sports this way. Read my review.

Inside Noah’s Ark: An amazing work of art and indoor playground combined into a lot of fun. Read my review.

Kid Concepts USA: A few hours here is guaranteed to make your kid go to bed on time. Read my review.

Little Pim Spanish DVD series: Welcome to Little Pim, a cute panda bear and the only Spanish teacher my son can cuddly up with in bed.

Malibu Wine Safari: Bulls, Zebras, Stanley the Giraffe, Alpacas-Yaks, Buffaloes, gorgeous views, wines. What’s not to like? Read my review.

My Gym All Star Sports Class: It’s baseball, soccer, hockey and volleyball all wrapped up in a one week class, and the class really emphasizes the fun.

Pretend City: A mini city with gas station, library, beach, café, health center, art studio, amphitheatre, etc, Plenty of space to run, imagine and be a kid. Read my review.

Pixar Exhibit (at the California Science Center): Learn the science, technology, engineering, and math behind movie making while seeing your favorite Pop Culture characters. Read my review.

Putting Edge: Try 18-holes of glow-in-the-dark golfing with florescent paintings in black-lighting.

Queen Mary’s Chill: Where you can go ice skating, tubing, and explore the 13,000 square foot Ice Kingdom featuring ice sculptures, including a 24-foot tall Queen Mary Ship? Plenty of holiday spirit here.

Scooter’s Jungle: Inflatable jumpers are fun for kids and parents alike. Yes, parents are invited to join their kids in having fun. Read my review

Sky Zone: A large rectangular trampoline. The only rule is one person per square which is easier for some than others. Read my review.

Star Echo Station A haven of last resort for illegally trafficked animals and educational science museum in one. Come hear their stories! Read my review.







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  1. Tina McClurkin says:

    My son was a orange octopus too. He went last year, but enjoyed it even more this year. Thank you for sharing your comments and pictures. It was great to see our Andrew in action. I also appreciate your comment about his being right where God wants him. Sometime in the midst of ABA, OT, and speech we forget what a blessing our special children are.
    Kudos to Camp Escapades!

  2. Scot Butwell says:

    Tina, I agree with what you said, “in the midst of ABA, OT, and speech we forget what a blessing our special children are.” In the midst of all that, there is an amazing child and I could see this in your son at camp. He has a love and zest for life!

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