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About Me

Written By: Scot Butwell


I enjoy the little moments in life:

Sipping on a tall soy milk hot chocolate no whip and talking with my wife.

Watching a Netflix movie in bed.

A walk on the beach or hike in the woods with my son.

Reading a really good book.

A thoughtful gesture or a kind word.

A woman rolling herself in a wheelchair to my mom’s room at a nursing home and asking her if it’s okay if she stops by to say “hi” sometime.

Getting a text from my wife saying my underwear was left in her make-up bin in the bathroom.

Having a quiet time reading the bible with my son on a Saturday morning.

Life to me is a series of small moments, and in this tiny bit of space, I seek to write about these small moments in my relationship with my son, as well as other topics.

So I won’t forget them. So I appreciate and cherish them.

Moments are what I remember the most about my relationship with my dad. Moments like the time we ate at a Bob’s Big Boy when I was 17, and my dad shared things about himself that he had never told me before.

Moments like my dad, mom, brother and I going to basketball and football games during my childhood at the various universities where my dad worked.

Moments like my mom asking me my favorite part of an overnight soccer trip when I was 12, and me telling her when my dad said, what the hell is sticking in my ass, during a team photo.

So, this is the place where I write about what I am learning as a dad, what I am learning about my son, and I seek to capture those little moments in our father-son relationship that help me to see a bigger story.

Thanks for visiting my tiny bit of space, and if you are a fellow dad or mom and a lover of small moments, I hope it will encourage you in the awesome role of being a parent to your child.

Scot Butwell

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