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Written By: Scot Butwell - Sep• 04•17

I had just finished reading about Spy Kids director Robert Rodriguez’s “mariachi style” of movie making of using only the props, actors, locations and resources available to him to make a movie.

Also, i listened to an interview where Rodriguez talked about “doing just one thing well” to be successful in any creative endeavor–my English class was reading his book x–and I was inspired by his example of “doing everything creatively.”

And I was inspired by Rodriguez and wondered if his “mariachi style” of filmmaking and “doing everything creatively” principle could apply to my helping D to get the last four pages of his monthly homework completed.

I could do it the usual way the wife’s way–by having D sit at the kitchen table and have him do it himself, fighting the urge to help him overcome ┬áhis resistance to the task or risk L getting upset by helping him.

Those were my options, and I chose to try Rodriguez’s do-whatever-takes-as-cheap-as-possible way to getting his homework done. I thought she was going to get him started on the homework, but he’d chosen to interrupt my lesson planning




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