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Things About Myself

Written By: Scot Butwell - Jun• 29•17
  1. I am a sugar addict
  2. My favorite is chocolate hostess cupcakes with the cream filling.
  3. I wait until the last minute to tell the wife about stuff.
  4. I rarely go to see the doctor.
  5. I never floss.
  6. I lost my left cornerstone tooth while eating pizza.
  7. I need time by myself to refuel.
  8. My stomach protrudes out from too much pizza, hamburgers and soda.
  9. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke.
  10. I like to wear t-shirts to work: anything with the name of my school.
  11. I loved playing basketball as a kid.
  12. My favorite drink is coffee, preferably from McDonald’s.
  13. I like to watch Netflix in bed on my phone.
  14. I am a Capricorn (not that I believe in that stuff).
  15. I have one brother.
  16. I once was the director of a crisis hotline.
  17. My wife would likes to say I used to be a good listener.
  18. I like to faint when she gives me a compliment.
  19. I like to eat D’s noise reduction headphones.
  20. My wife thinks I have autism.
  21. I like to lose myself in art.


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