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Wilderness Park

Written By: Scot Butwell - Dec• 05•16


Sure, I would have preferred to be hiking in Yosemite, but I know what the Wife would say about that, so despite my thoughts of Yosemite, the nature preserve near our home was a good second option.

D took a fondness to a couple of toddlers, and so we followed them around for awhile, and then we found an abandoned fort made of logs piled horizontally against a massive tree.

Two boys and their dad appeared from nowhere, and D told them it was a “boys only” clubhouse. One of the boys got the idea to add more logs and the five of us hauled several logs together back to the fort.

I hammed it up by pretending the logs were extra heavy, but it was great fun in an old school kind of way. It reminded me of the kind of thing kids did when I was growing up that they don’t do as much anymore.

It was a beautiful time to be out in nature, maybe not as awe-inspiring as Yosemite (so I’ve been told), but at least I didn’t have to worry that D would walk off the edge of a cliff, like he might at Yosemite.

That was the Wife’s reasoning for not wanting to go to Yosemite when I suggested it at the end of summer. It’s frustrating, yes, since four hours away is one of the most amazing national parks.

But one day, I know we’ll make it there. I know we will. It’s on the bucket list, and we will do it.

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