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Written By: Scot Butwell - Nov• 21•16


D got the idea from a girl named Audrey on You Tube who posted a video of herself making a model of the solar system and so he wanted to make his own.

We went to a craft store together on a family outing, and his mom helped D decide on what supplies to buy with some minor negotiating by D.

He lobbied for a trip to a craft store to get the supplies, mostly different size Styrofoam balls, poster board, and sticks to keep the planets aloft.

He painted the balls, mostly faithful to the planets natural colors, and dealt with the frustration of my phone running out of video storage.

I complimented him on his painting. The gas planets had a splendid gassy appearance because the paint wasn’t a solid color. Then his project hit a snag.

The sticks we bought were pointy on only one end, so the planets wouldn’t stay in the air. Life became busy and the project went on a short hiatus.

Enter mom.


They bought some Pick-up sticks (remember that game?) and the eight planets were rotating around the sun. He even added smaller moons to orbit the planets.

It looked so fantastic that I started thinking of D and I doing a science experiment, testing the effect of gluten on his body by having him eat a gluten-free and regular Chocolate Lava Cake.

We’d have a research question, hypothesis, dependent and independent variables, collect data from his observations. It could be a great subject for a Science Fair project.

Then I started thinking how his solar system model could be turned into an experiment. The effect of the son on human skin? Does looking at the sun really make you go blind? 

Then the Wife brought me back to earth. Just let him enjoy his project, she said. Just let the project be what it is.  A fun project, nothing more.


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