FatherSon Ventures

Building a Relationship through Adventure


Written By: Scot Butwell - Aug• 04•16

I didn’t see it,

the bright green

glow of the grass,

the soft texture

beneath our feet,

the blue sky above,

flowers and figures,

but he saw it all.

I was oblivious

to it all


No, I didn’t see it

the way he did.


He noticed every

color and shape,

like a budding artist,

the intricate patterns

the compositions

unfolding before us,

nature’s art work.


We swam together,

D floating in his vest,

me a few feet ahead.

He liked drifting

in the blueish water,

with me pulling him

in a zigzag pattern.


We took the same

route most days.

He found grass

strange at first.

And he liked to

run up a hill to

explore the plaza.




In the beginning, I

held him in my arms,

his heart beating against

my own, my arm draped

over his back, his eyes

looking over my shoulder,

a black cat named Blackie

always following behind us.



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