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Mad Scientist

Written By: Scot Butwell - Aug• 02•15

volcano excite

He was jonesing for another

volcano eruption. So we

gathered the supplies:

water, baking soda, food

coloring vinegar. Beaker.

Test tubes. Eye dropper.

This was day two of us

creating red, green

and slush-colored

brown volcanoes.


He measured a half-cup

of water in the beaker,

added two table spoons

of baking soda and held

out a test tube as I poured

in the vinegar. He squeezed

in a few drops of red food

coloring and dumped the

contents into the breaker.


And ran to the patio corner,

his hands covering his ears.


The lava poured spewed

out the beaker, cascading

off the side of the patio

table, like Mt. Olympus.

Maybe,he was thinking

aboutthe Man and Lady

Volcanoin the animation

shortbefore “Inside Out.”

Or maybe he just likes

pouring liquids into test

tubes, mixing food colors

to create an array of lava

colors and seeing the

sudden explosion.


His friend C leaned over

the beaker and spit in it.


We forgot the safety goggles

and blew up five volcanoes,

each time I dumped more

and more baking soda, two

(not too) mad scientists

craving a bigger explosion

till we ran out of vinegar

and baking soda.

volcano with c


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