FatherSon Ventures

Building a Relationship through Adventure


Written By: Scot Butwell - Aug• 02•15

checker game

This is the summer of…checkers.

D and I tandem played a teenage

park and rec worker before D

heard the Ice Cream truck song,

and we said a good-bye and ran

toward the jingle. Game over.


He played his mom, glasses

perched on her head, on the

living room floor before she

got upset when he started

fumbling the pieces with

his fingers. Game over.


Then it happened …


D and I played his friend

Dilon and D stayed focused

the entire game. It was a

small step, but a giant leap

forward. There was no flag

planting ceremony, no phone

call from the President, no

worry if spacesuits could

have the moon’s temperature.


But I marveled at his calm

focus as we plotted strategy

leaping red pieces, criss-crossing,

the board. It was a small

step, but a giant leap forward.

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