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Bowling with Style

Written By: Scot Butwell - Jul• 31•15

bolwing sports

The form was unorthodox

not like a professional bowler,

yet he knocked down pins

with a green rubber ball:

first, with an over-the-head

toss and, second, a basketball

bounce pass, third, a grandma

style, underhand toss, maybe

he is experiment with different

delivery styles, I thought, and

then he jumped up and down

when the pins collided and fell

down. Strike!


The main thing is, he was on the

concrete slab playing the game.

This was Sports Day at his school

and he sat on the sideline watching

kids slap and run after an orange

disc hockey puck, and he climbed

up a jungle playground structure,

keeping half an eye on the hockey

game, and then went from observer

to a participant with the offer of

a stick of gum. Kudos to his mom

for knowing the right motivation

buttons to push.

sports day port


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