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Ship to Shore

Written By: Scot Butwell - Apr• 18•15

ship to shore

You want to improve your kid’s listening skills while having a lot of fun? Play the game Ship to Shore, preferably with five to seven kids.

Here’s how: mark out two lines about ten feet apart from each other and designate one as the ship and the other as the shore.

When you say the word “ship,” the kids have to run to the ship line, and when you say shore, they run to the shore line.

It’s that simple.

But don’t forget to add stand on one leg and salute with your right hand when you say, “the Captain’s coming!”

And don’t forget to add drop to your hands and knees and scrub the floor when you say, “Scrub the deck!”

And don’t forget to add lay on your stomach when you yell out, “Hit the deck!”

You can Google the words “ship to shore” for more actions you can add to make the game even more crazy and fun.

And I recommend speeding up delivery of the commands to see how well everyone listens when they begin to get tired.

Also, try to trick your kid to run to the ship when they’re standing on the ship line, or to run to shore when they’re standing on the shore.

That’s where the listening skills come into play and, yes, they will confuse the ship and shore as the commands keep coming, and that’s what makes it fun.

Their bodies and minds will get confused as you keep giving new commands and the giggles and laughter will soon begin.

This is how you can improve your child’s auditory processing–for success in school–while having a lot of fun as well.

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