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Zones of Regulation

Written By: Scot Butwell - Apr• 03•15

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“What zone is it when you get sleepy at night?”

Nothing. I repeated the question  toD two more times. Still I got nothing. I gave it one more try.

“Blue zone.”

“What zone is it when you get too excited.”

“Red Zone.”

“Is the Red Zone good or bad?”

We were talking about the *Zones of Regulation which are descriptions of body states and corresponding emotions that D has learned in his occupational therapy and as part of the Buddy Club.

The zones are designed to increase a person’s awareness of their own emotions, and it seems pretty heady stuff to teach six-year-olds, but D grasps and understands it.


I’ve learned from D’s Buddy Club parents that the zones are neither good or bad; they’re saw just descriptions of our emotions and body states.

“The Red zone is not good or bad,” he said when I asked him if the zones were good or bad.

“What zone is it when you start to feel you’re body getting excited?”


As we were walking at the beach later that night, he surprised me by saying, “when I am frustrated, I can take a step back and ask for help.”

And then this:

“When I am mad, I can take four deep breaths or count to ten to calm down.”

Take four deep breaths or count to ten to calm down. That’s good advice for the entire family; in fact, I used the strategy when the Wife and I had a conflict later that night.

We were in the car and D was in the back seat, so I asked him, “What strategy should I use?”

“Take four deep breaths.”

And it worked.

*The zones of regulation is part of Michelle Weiner Garcia’s Social Thinking curriculum.

Check out her website at www.socialthinking.com

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