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Chocolate Lava Cake

Written By: Scot Butwell - Feb• 19•15

lava cake

D and I returned home from our weekly Tuesday night father-son dinner at Denny’s. He was acting rowdy and rambunctious, shredding a plant he brought in from outside on the living room carpet.

Typical Boy stuff.

The Wife yelled and demanded D vacuum it up. Picture a movie scene of the police interrogating a crime suspect, and you have a general idea of how the rest of the conversation went:

lava cake2

“What did you have for dinner?”



“French Fries.”

“And…for dessert.”


“Chocolate Lava Cake.”

The inflection in his voice rose with excitement to express the joy of his new favorite dessert which D and I have enjoyed sharing the past couple weeks even though D is gluten-free.

“That has gluten.”

Her voice rose dramatically to punctuate her anger (really at me since I bought the dessert), but D was the recipient of her yelling because of his shredding the plant on the living room floor.

I contend the problem is not be gluten.  He might just be an extra sensory kid. I am not convinced gluten has an effect on his behavior since I don’t see any difference when he eats a gluten-free cookie or regular cookie.

Yes, I’ve tested this theory several times: I sometimes maintain D’s gluten-free diet and cheat other times, since there is no research studies stating a link between eating gluten and a child’s behavior.

I believe the sugar in the ice cream, chocolate syrup and cake would affect his behavior more than the gluten in the Chocolate Lava Cake, making him more prone to be hyperactivity.

I just googled “sugar and children’s behavior,” and the article I read said there is no link between excess sugar in a child’s diet and their behavior, they have done research studies.

I’m just speculating, and this is what the article said, but there is likely some other cause for D shredding the plant on the living room floor? Maybe, it’s just a way to get his mom’s attention.

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