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All-Star Sports: Day Two

Written By: Scot Butwell - Jul• 06•13


There is a name for it in “recovery” when you do the same thing over and over and expect different results. I know it well from attending a weekly recovery group. We call it insanity.

I never thought this principle would apply to D’s All-Star┬áSports class. But it did. Big time. Actually, it related to my repeated failure to make D stay with his class and not run off.

D was supposed to be learning the fundamentals of soccer. But he was more interested in climbing the play structures along the walls than waiting his turn in line to kick a soccer ball.

His class turned into a cat-and-mouse game of D leaving his class and me pursuing him, telling him to stay with his class, and D running off and me pursuing him to stay with his class.

This fact alluded me at the time, but every time I followed D when he ran off from class, I was reinforcing his behavior by giving him attention, even if it was to get him to return to class.

I felt like Sisyphus who was assigned by the Greek gods to roll a giant rock to the top of a mountain only to watch it roll back to the bottom every time he reached the summit as punishment.



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