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Ice Tubing at the Queen Mary’s “Chill”

Written By: Scot Butwell - Dec• 21•12




We strolled through Christmas decorations of candy canes, snowmen and gingerbread houses, got a glimpse of old Saint Nick and listened to an ample amount of cheerful holiday music at Queen Mary’s “Chill.”

D and I found our way to the ice-tubing ramp. We each grabbed an over-sized tube, carried it to the top of a ramp, and careened down 100 feet. before repeating steps two and three five times in a row.

This was D’s first time ice-tubing, and he loved it.  My only complaint is that we could not go down together in one tube. But I understand liability issues outweigh any of my aesthetic concerns for our father-son adventures.

L feared ice-tubing was too dangerous. It isn’t. You sit inside a tube, hold the side grips, and slide 100-feet down. Fast. Exactly the type of high-speed, adrenaline-inducing activity D craves.

Next up was the Ice Kingdom, a g13,000 square-foot igloo with Christmas-themed ice sculptures.  They give you a blue parka to withstand the cold temperature, but I recommend a pair of gloves.

And a pair of thermal underwear because, seriously, it is that cold inside. Not quite the opposite of Dante’s inferno, but it will make you cheeks cold and limbs stiffen

“Where’s the exit?” L said after fifteen minutes in the Ice Kingdom.

I wanted to stay longer, but my finger too stiff to take pictures, so I acquiesced. It was the first time L and I were united during the whole morning. Getting out the door had been unnecessarily fraught with excessive tension and turmoil.


So, thank you, Ice Kingdom for united us.

The outdoor ice-skating rink was a beautiful setting for my son’s first time ice-skating.  The rink was framed by sunshine and harbor views with temperatures in the 70’s.

He stayed upright thanks to an orange seal with a horizontal bar. However, he much preferred sitting on the seal and being pushed by Dad. It was a great father-son bonding moment.

Our time ended at “Chill” when the L said she had Christmas goodies to cut and wrap before our D’s occupational  therapy appointment while I wanted to go on a few more ice-tubing runs.


We had a rhetorical argument. I lost.

Despite emphasizing to her how much D had loved ice-tubing, and explaining the lines were short and it would take fifteen minutes, my argument failed to penetrate her stubborn resistance.

But the Christmas goodies for D’s therapist just had to be cut and wrapped, and that’s the way it had to be, no matter how reasonable the logic in my argument seemed to me.

Still, we enjoyed some family time and my son experienced ice-tubing for the first time. To be fair, I could have planned our trip better so we did not have to rush home.

Thanks to the Queen Mary (self-disclosure: we received a media pass) for letting my family enjoy some fun together.

Info on Chill: Ice Kingdom Adult ticket is $24.95, child $19.95; and there’s combo ticket prices for Kingdom/tubing.  Skating is extra cost, but well worth it.  Early Bird Special: Arrive before 12 p.m. and save 50% off Admission to the Ice Kingdom.  For more info: www.QueenMary.com or (877)-342-0738.

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