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Inflatable Jumpers are Fun!

Written By: Scot Butwell - Oct• 22•12

scooterD and I are going to an indoor playground named Scooter’s Jungle, and while packing yogurt and meat sticks into a lunch container, I inspect the date on the yogurt. It says, “09/11/12.”

Normally, I am a half-glass full type of person, not prone to reading negative interpretations from dates on a yogurt carton. Yet, I briefly stop to ponder if the date is an ominous warning, foreshadowing potential disaster.

But it’s hard to wreck a visit to Scooter’s Jungle; basically, it is two large rooms in a warehouse with huge inflatable jumpers: two 21-foot Super Slides, jumpers with zip-lines, basketball hoops, and an obstacle course jumper.

I love the simplicity of this place. You jump and keep jumping, that’s it. The best part of all, the equipment is adult size and safe for children–and adults–to play on, and parents are actually encouraged to have fun with their kids.

DSCN1675We’re here for Toddler Time: two hours of free play for kids six and under. L feared D would have trouble with keeping his hands to himself, and I wouldn’t know how to deal with D.

D and I went down the Super Slide about 30 times in a row, and this kept his body preoccupied. He did give one boy a slight nudge at the top of the Super Slide, but that was to jump start his descent down the side.

D surprised me in the bathroom when he said, “Dad, I want to play ping pong.” But his hand-eye coordination needed time to develop so he returned to to the inflatable world of the Super Slide and an obstacle course jumper.

He did earn one time-out for pushing a girl inside the play structure, but one time-out in 90 minutes constitutes improvement for D, and he accepted the consequences with no resistance.

For D, Scooter’s Jungle represented non-stop movement and camradery with other kids, and we both reached the same conclusion after our first visit: inflatable jumpers are fun!  

My favorite part was watching a two-year-old boy struggle to make it up the Super Slide. A few times, he couldn’t reach the side handles and started to slide down the ladder, so I scooped him up and put him back in his feet.

The Super Slide must have looked like Mount Everest to him, and I loved his determination to make it to the top. It is the same attitude I see in D in dealing with his sensory challenges.

For more info on Scooter’s Jungle, go to www.scootersjungle/el_segundo.php.


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  1. It is a beautiful shot with very good lighting 😉

  2. i read your article and loave it so much ,thank you so much.